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Welcome to The Few and Cursed & Timberwolf Entertainment online store! Please scroll down for all our titles, collectibles and extras including digital editions of sold out books like both 321: Fast Comics volumes. The Few and Cursed is a creator-owned comic book series about people trying to survive a wicked world where most of the water was gone overnight in a mysterious apocalyptic event in 1840. The Redhead is a hardened survivor that was born in this reality and now fights to protect the innocent. As the land fell into darkness a group of men and women decided to take a stand and fight back, they are known as Curse Chasers.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Hola desde Costa Rica! Cargo arrived in Florida, time to LOCK DOWN SHIPPING ADDRESSES and check out Carol Costa as the Redhead 🔥
16 days ago – Thu, Sep 30, 2021 at 11:38:36 PM

Howdy, folks!

Felipe here again and this time writing to you all from rainy Costa Rica! That's right, I'm almost halfway through my mandatory quarantine and on my way back to the US to start fulfillment on this Kickstarter. And I couldn't be more excited to share the news the cargo has arrived in Florida and is now sitting in a warehouse just waiting for me to arrive \o/

That means no more delays! How about we kick this fulfillment into gear, shall we?!

I'm going to share pretty much the same fulfillment calendar I shared in my last update with a few corrections here and there now that everything has settled in. The following dates WILL NOT suffer any delays or changes:

  • September 25th - October 10th: The Costa Rica Connection
  • September 30th - 7th: Address confirmations and/or updates via BackerKit <-------- IMPORTANT 
  • October 11th: Cargo delivered in my address in Florida
  • October 12th -17th: Book signing (I will sign all 2.400 trade paperbacks but no other books)
  • October 25th: First batch of packages shipped and then a new batch every two or three days
  •  October 26th: New TFAC book feat. Red (first of a new six-part series) arrives on Kickstarter! 
  • November: All orders and pledges fulfilled \o/

By the end of November I expect all packages to have shipped at which point I will start handling any damaged or missing rewards.

We're almost out of the woods and I couldn't be happier to finally have you all check out the very special trade paperback we put together. 


Shipping addresses will lock next Thursday, October 7th,  and once they are locked no changes are allowed so please make sure I'm shipping your package to the right place. Next week you'll get a 48hr  notice before addresses lock and you'll have a chance to verify it and make any changes if needed. 

If your address remains the same from the time you filled out your BackerKit Surveys you are all set and don't need to do anything else.

Only follow these instructions if you want to make any changes in your shipping address:

1- All backers that have completed their BackerKit surveys will be sent an e-mail on Tuesday asking for any changes to their Shipping Address. If you need  to update your address just follow the instructions in the e-mail, if you are all set, you are all set, no need to do anything. Just ignore the e-mail and delete it.

2- If you don't want to wait for the e-mail please hit the link below to retrieve your original BackerKit Survey:

You will then be prompted to either confirm or update the shipping address.

Both ways are super easy and intuitive but if you have any questions or if you need any help in the process please do not hesitate to shoot me a message whether it's a DM on Kickstarter or an e-mail to

Every package going out the door will have tracking so you'll know exactly when your parcel has shipped. Just make sure e-mails coming from BackerKit are not ending in your Junk or Spam folder. Just wait for the e-mail confirming tracking, every backer will get them.

I hope you all have enjoyed this update and another couple of sneak peeks at Carol Costa as the Redhead, we cannot wait to reveal more and more of this very special project we put together come October 26th.

Thank you so much for your support and patience with this fulfillment, I promise you it's almost over and you will be impressed with the quality across all items. Rest assured I will continue to keep you all updated as I go through every step of fulfillment.

All the best!


Updated and final fulfillment dates! The Costa Rica connection! Redhead photoshoot!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Sep 10, 2021 at 08:53:31 PM

Howdy backers!

I hope this finds all of you well and in good health amidst these continuous crazy times. Let me kick things off with the news a number of you have nudged me for and I know most want to know:


Yes, we do have those in place and set in stone, there shouldn't be any more delays now unless something really disastrous happens (not out of the realm possibilities but very unlikely).

Fulfillment will start on October 10th. 

Now, this doesn't mean items will ship on the 10th or that any of you will get items by the 10th. We're still talking about 2.400 packages flying out the door and it's likely I will be handling this on my own without any help.

Here's the most up to date calendar and what's gonna happen in the next few weeks:

  • September 23rd - October 8th: The Costa Rica (or another country in Central America) Connection
  • October 1st - 7th: Address confirmations and/or updates via BackerKit
  • October 9th - 12th: Cargo delivered in Florida
  • October 13th -16th: Book signing (I will sign all 2.400 trade paperbacks but no other books)
  • October 20th: First batch of packages shipped and then a new batch every two or three days
  •  October 28th: New TFAC book feat. Red (first of a new six-part series) arrives on Kickstarter! 
  • November: All orders and pledges fulfilled \o/
What would this be?

As you can see the next few weeks will be quite busy and eventful. You might wonder what's the Costa Rica Connection... well, I will get to it next, just make sure to scroll down.

The above dates should not suffer any changes but things like the cargo getting stuck in customs or me not being able to enter the US because of Covid travel bans are possible even if unlikely. As always I will keep you all updated =)


Backers from past campaigns will definitely know what this is about. Last year we had Operation Quesadilla and earlier this year there was Operation Guacamole. The Costa Rica Connection is the latest mission to get me back in the US coming in from Brazil.

Last year the US imposed a travel ban on any and all non-US citizens flying in from Brazil. Basically if the traveler set foot in Brazil within 14 days prior to entry into the US he/she is not allowed in. The only way to circumvent this ban is to enjoy a forced "vacation" in a country not currently in the travel ban list.

Basically anywhere in Central or South America but Brazil :/

For my third bout I've decided not to return to Mexico and instead visit somewhere new. I've picked Costa Rica but have yet to finalize my travel plans and costs. I won't be on vacation, there's just too much to do including getting all the shipping supplies for this fulfillment and building up the next Kickstarter campaign but at least I do get to visit a new country.

This kind of thing really takes a toll. Not only I'm completely isolated for two full weeks this also bears quite the cost on the project but like I've done in the past, we do what we must to fulfill our obligations, right?


On to really exciting news of a project that has been in the works for a few months now and it has finally happened. Some of you that follow me on Instagram might have seen this or heard about this already, the Redhead lives and the character couldn't be in better hands.

We are still keeping most of the details under wraps but I'd love to introduce you to Carol Costa, the very first and official Red outside the comics \o/

Carol is one of the top pop and geek culture journalists and presenters in Brazil and she's been a huge fan of The Few and Cursed and the character for years now, really championing them in some of the biggest outlets in Brazil like IGN Brazil and Omelete.

Can't say much more about what we're doing, all will be revealed in due time and we're still figuring out some VFX for the photos and... something else, but let's give Carol a warm welcome to the franchise, shall we?

You can find and follow her on Instagram by clicking right here.

Here's an initial VFX test we did. Leave your thoughts and comments below, I'd love to hear what you all have to say!

That's it for today's update, folks. I hope this gets you all excited and in a good place looking forward to getting your rewards. We're finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel and believe me when I say I'm the one most excited for everyone to get their stuff.

I cannot wait to hear what you all have to say about The Few and Cursed: Crows of Mana'Olana book and all other rewards.

You all have a good one now and until the next update, likely within a month and directly from Costa Rica (or some other country lol)



⏰ LAST WEEK to grab Heart-Shaped Ambition along with all the awesome extras!! ☠️
2 months ago – Tue, Aug 17, 2021 at 12:59:52 AM

Hey folks!

As there's nothing left for us but wait for our cargo to make it all the way from China to the US please allow me to remind all of you that the latest chapter of The Few and Cursed saga is wrapping up the Kickstarter campaign THIS WEEK.

That's right, the Heart-Shaped Ambition Kickstarter finishes up this Thursday, Aug 12th, on 11:59pm EST and that's the last chance to grab the book along with some exciting extras as part of your packages. While some of them will likely make it to the store later on they will have price tags on them instead of being added to your rewards for free.

I've been posting about this in previous The Few and Cursed campaigns: if you thought we were doing just another Western with monsters, that's not true at all. Everyone involved with TFAC is meticulously weaving a tapestry of tales that all fit together to tell a much larger story with complex characters, their relationships, a rich lore and exciting locations.

Heart-Shaped Ambition will impact every future title of The Few and Cursed one way or another - including Red's next story arc and that's a very exciting notion for me as the head writer and executive producer.

It's just awesome knowing we're putting something really special together, piece by piece, story by story and just coming up with these characters that at first have nothing in common but ultimately will have to relate to one another.

We're slightly over 1.300 backers right now and really looking to unlock all the remaining Stretch Goals of our Phase 2 announcements as you can see below. If you haven't pledged yet or checked out Heart-Shaped Ambition, think I could convince you to do so? \o/

I completely understand it's hard for a lot of you that have never read anything from The Few and Cursed to just jump onto something new but trust me I will make it worth for everyone that backs this latest chapter in our saga.

I will leave the link here again and please know that I do appreciate you all and your support towards my work and everything we're doing here. It means the world to me to see so much patience and kindness from all the backers as things didn't exactly go as planned so far with the trade paperback.

Although it's fair to say the book has turned out absolutely gorgeous and I'm confident every backer will be pleasantly surprised when we start shipping out rewards.

As things continue to progress I will continue to be in touch as well but we're drawing closer and closer to the Update we all want to read: fulfillment complete. And completed it shall be!

Have a nice week!


Cargo shipping out of China this week (finally!!) and Heart-Shaped Ambition already over 1.000 backers!
3 months ago – Tue, Jul 27, 2021 at 07:35:00 PM

Alright, the good news continue as we move closer and closer to fulfilling The Few and Cursed trade paperback Kickstarter! Everything has been taking a bit longer to happen but I'm glad they are still happening - more on that below.

If you haven't checked out Heart-Shaped Ambition yet, what's the holdup? We're well over 1.000 backers and over a dozen Stretch Goals unlocked, the Kickstarter campaign has been phenomenal so far and we will get a chance of producing a lot of cool stuff again like the collectible cards, prints, bookmarks, book upgrades & more!

Yes, I know I'm asking a lot if you are a first time backer and haven't even gotten the rewards of this campaign or even read anything from The Few and Cursed (digital rewards have been sent though *wink wink*) but rest assured I do have a spotless record when it comes to fulfillment and I'm sure a lot of past backers can attest to that.

Bottom line is if you trust me enough to back Heart-Shaped Ambition you will not regret it =)

Heart-Shaped Ambition, while taking place 200 years before the world dried up, will really impact the lore and future of the franchise. And Captain Bartholomew will be key in that future as well so click the link and come join us:


I couldn't be more relieved to share this update. I was really worried about the cargo as transit lines have been a lot busier than usual. Plus this is the largest shipment I ever had done in my career. But the good news is we got a spot this week in a ship and all our items are gonna be on their way to the US.

For reasons yet to be announced (it's fantastic news!) we are splitting up the cargo in three different locations, two of them in California and the one in Florida where Fabiano and I will be waiting to personally handle fulfillment.

Fabiano and I just completed a local fulfillment in Brazil where we shipped close to 1.000 trade paperbacks. Just wanted to share a couple of photos of how our last few days have been.

Our trip back into the US still puts us going through Mexico or another country in Central America and that could possibly impact our shipping dates. I don't want to commit to hard dates just yet hoping the US administration will allow travelers to go directly from Brazil to the US. 

As this evolves I will keep you all posted. If we can fly straight from Brazil to Florida it will help us tremendously so fingers crossed!

These are some of the rewards Brazilian backers got along with their books in Portuguese. The English edition will be thicker thanks to the paper stock upgrade and red foil on the edges so imagine something... bulkier lol

As always thank you all so much for your patience and support, it always amazes me how thoughtful you all are and generous as a number of you have already backed Heart-Shaped Ambition. If you have any questions or comments shoot me a DM or e-mail me at

Thank you all so much and see you all in our next Update!



New TFAC book now LIVE on Kickstarter! Come check out The Few and Cursed: Heart-Shaped Ambition \o/
3 months ago – Sat, Jul 10, 2021 at 05:52:57 PM

Hey everyone!

As everything related to the trade paperback, the actual book and all other collectibles, is completed it is time to continue growing The Few and Cursed universe! Now LIVE and welcoming pledges is the latest book in the series, Heart-Shaped Ambition!

Hit PLAY on the video below and enjoy a sneak peek:

As I mentioned in a previous update I have big plans for Captain Bartholomew and it was only fitting to give him his own origin graphic novel.

I sincerely hope to continue counting on your support and pledges to keep The Few and Cursed universe growing. This is truly a labor of love and made it possible because of you all and the community we've been building around Red and co.

Thank you all so much!